The Labor of Self Love

Lately I have been thinking how much work do you have to put into the labor of love and the answer is a lot. I may not be married but I thought the hardest thing was being an adult who works endlessly, trying to make time to actually date and building a life of your own while trying to conjoin lives with the one you love. Then…I thought people always talk about the labor of love but they never talk about the labor of self love. Accepting you for who you are honestly may be a lot harder than some of us realize. Some of only see flaws, self doubt or our childhood that has shaped a bad self image causing us to look for validation in the wrong places. To day one of my most free spirited friends hit me up and told she was back to self harming and I hate to hear that, but of course I inquired about it. The reason was because a man that she cares for doesn’t want to be with her..”Girl these men out here don’t even want me.” I told her she needs no validation from any man on this this earth she is a great person and whether she realizes it or not she is amazing in her own way and if they don’t love you for it truth is they were never going to. So I encourage anyone who is reading this to look inside yourself and think how much labor did it take or is it still taking to completely give yourself 100% unconditional love. You are with you for the rest of your life no matter what so regardless of what winds may blow and storms may occur I hope you enjoy who you are and this life that you as much as you possibly can. Be a masterpiece trying to master your peace.


Tips to up the Self Love

  • Positive Self Talk: make sure you aren’t saying anything negative that you would not let anyone else say to you
  • Do things that make happy and smile: Happy people are beautiful people
  • Reminders: remind yourself daily about the people and things in your life that you genuinely love
  • Intuition: do your best to listen to that calm voice inside yourself that guides you in the right direction
  • Meditation: try to take some personal time out every week to do a little something for yourself so that you can dissect your thoughts and sort out feelings
  • Friends: Make sure you surround yourself around positive friends that make you feel just as amazing as you are

The Pursuit of Purpose

Lately I have been asking myself why do I feel unhappy when in reality I don’t think it is happiness in its entirety that I am in pursuit of I think it’s fulfillment. Sometimes I am pleased and find myself delighted with things but overall I don’t think I am satisfied. I want to figure out what is the one thing that makes me feel like I make a difference in the world and helps me feel like I am contributing more than I am taking up space and using up resources. Even when I was younger sometimes I would wish I already knew what type of career I would end up with or even what type of man if the time came to get married or what have you… Living the adult life according to society like working and paying taxes or doing the whole american dream thing with 3.5 kids and the white picket fence doesn’t seem like it is all it is cracked up to be. Fitting the cookie cutter mold just isn’t cutting it and sometimes I wonder how do other people do it and remain working the same job and living such a repetitive lifestyle the main reason that comes to mind is because of their families. At the age of 25 I wonder when will I find a job or career that doesn’t feel like work at all, a relationship that feels like the ultimate friendship, and when will I get to go traveling and see all that there is to be seen farther than the United States. I know nothing can truly guarantee happiness, but I think if could find something that gives me purpose I could be more satisfied with the ideal that I am making a difference in the world and impacting someone else’s life.